Production Plant

The 1st Stage investment of the production complex established by İLKO Pharmaceuticals on 250,000 sqm of land in Konya 3rd Organized Industry Zone was completed in 2011. The plant designed in accordance with the Latest Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices rules and that conducts production on the lateral flow system based on a short distance has an indoor area of 25,000 sqm.

The first stage at the factory includes production units for solid forms such as powder granules, tablets, film-coated tablets and capsules, and liquid forms such as syrups and suspensions. The production capacity of this main plant was planned as 120 million boxes a year.

The construction of the plant and selection of the production equipment was carried out on the basis of international norms, and by working with suppliers who are experienced in their fields. Computer hardware of all critical equipment and machinery are compatible with 21 CFR part 11 electronic registry system. Pure water and ventilation systems, among the critical infrastructural items for pharmaceutical production, were designed at advanced engineering and high automation level. The technical fields have a layout that ensure easy and direct access to all installations. Considering the developing standards in clean area classification and the future needs, the HEPA filters were used at the last point even in non-sterile areas, and the air quality of the production areas was maximized.

Temperature, humidity, pressure difference and particle level conditioning at the entire plant and production areas is provided and monitored with the Building Management System (BMS) with smart building characteristics.