The current representative of more than 50 years experience in the Turkish pharmaceutical industry, İLKO Pharmaceuticals continues its efforts to increase the standards of living in Turkey and in the world with vanguard and innovative approaches based on its past experiences.

The roots of İLKO İlaç San ve Tic. A.Ş are based on the drugstore pharmacology of the late Mr. Mustafa Öncel - one of the second generation pharmacists of Turkey - that started with magistral drug production in the 1960s and his investments in the pharmaceuticals industry.

Based on the principle that the most important two factors for effectiveness in the pharmaceutical industry are R&D and production means, İLKO Pharmaceuticals established 'İLKO Research and Development Center' in 2009 in Hacettepe University Techno City, and the company also opened 'İLKO Pharmaceutical Production Plants' in 2012 in Konya 3rd Organized Industry Zone to start its operations in the pharmaceutical industry. İLKO Pharmaceuticals Production Plants is the biggest pharmaceutical industry investment realized in Anatolia so far.

In 2014, ILKO Pharmaceutical Production Plants received confirmation of conformity to the European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) from the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency of the UK). With this MHRA approval, ILKO Pharmaceuticals continues to get licenses in and export products to 25 countries located in different regions.

ILKO Pharmaceuticals broke ground in Turkey in December 2013 and took a step to make Turkey a player of the biotechnology market, shown as the future of the global pharmaceutical industry, by founding ILKOGEN with the partnership of South Korean biotechnology company Genexine. ILKOGEN is the first biotechnological pharmaceutical research & development, production and international marketing investment of Turkey.

Thanks to İLKO İlaç's holistic approach to health, as of 2016, the WELLCARE brand was created to bring a new understanding to the field of Consumer Health and solutions to the ever new needs in this field. WELLCARE strives to offer solutions for health problems and increase the quality of life at each and every stage of the life cycle beginning from birth, thanks to our global power and our strong infrastructure in Turkey, as well as our scientific and reliable portfolio.

With its all production and R&D investments, İLKO Pharmaceuticals intends to move our country to a different position in the global competition.