Our Responsibility

At present, corporations are at least as accountable as individuals to ensure economic, social and environmental sustainability of development and increase of social welfare. 

Therefore, our group commits itself to fulfill its social responsibilities in social and cultural fields in addition to its business-oriented investments. İLKO Pharmaceuticals's social responsibility projects are carried out by the parent company Selçuklu Holding.  



Mustafa Öncel Primary School that was donated to the Ministry of National Education as a school with 58 classrooms in Ataşehir-Istanbul begun educating in the academic year 2008-2009. The school has a science laboratory, IT class, infirmary, parent meeting room, gymnasium, conference theater, ball room, dining hall, folk dances room, technical work room and library.  


Kamer Öncel Vocational & Technical Anatolian High School, that was built in Kartepe-Kocaeli is the first project to be in line with the Occupational Medical High School curriculum. At the school, with 16 classrooms, there are also 7 laboratories also including biology and science laboratories, nursing technical workshop, anesthesia and reanimation technical workshop, anatomy workshop, physical education hall, 2 infirmaries, a library, emergency services, and 5 technical workshops of emergency medicine.



'Mustafa Öncel Culture and Sports Complex' constructed as a part of Selçuklu Holding's social responsibility projects in Sancaktepe, Istanbul has functionally been designed to satisfy requirements in different fields.

The construction of the complex, which was carried out in order to keep alive the memory of Selçuklu Holding's founder the late Mustafa Öncel, was constructed by Selin Yapı.

With a 13,000 sqm indoor area, Mustafa Öncel Culture and Sports Complex consists of seven main sections. In the section allocated as the education area, there are 7 classrooms, a computer room and a nursery, as well as the related administrative, social and service spaces.

The Complex also includes a conference room with a 400 spectator capacity, a half-Olympic swimming pool with a 200 spectator capacity, a multipurpose sports room with a 800 spectator capacity, two fitness rooms with a total area of 400 sqm, a 60-car capacity parking lot on a 1600 sqm area, and a 1800 sqm capacity indoor warehouse and 320 sqm shelter and technical fields.

Selçuklu Holding offers non-refundable grants to hardworking, talented and successful university students who need financial support. The students who apply for the grant are expected to pay attention to moral, national and cultural values. The students who are awarded with such grants are also expected to provide similar charity after they begin to work.

Please click here for further information on grants: www.selcukluholding.com.tr