Quality Policy

ILKO's main aim is to ensure the delivery of our products to patients in the same standards and most reliable manner with ah quality and process-oriented production approach.  

İlko İlaç;

  • is innovative and leader in human pharmaceutical production and medical device industry, developing the product range by following the innovations in the healthcare industry,
  • maximizes customer satisfaction without compromising from quality,
  • conducts in conformity with the laws, regulations, national and international standards (Medical Device Regulations, ISO 13485 Quality Management System, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)),
  • guarantees the marketed products to have the technical specifications foreseen in the standards of the product,
  • maximizes product quality by ensuring effective application of the quality system at all stages of production,
  • monitors the quality processes periodically, analyzes the results, makes continuous improvements with corrective and preventive activities,
  • Ensures participation of every employee within the organization; plans and realizes all training activities required to leverage quality awareness, thus gathers them around the same mission, vision and strategy and creates a shared corporate culture,
  • ensures effective operation of the quality system to cover the customer's requirements and legal requirements,
  • provides resources for the improvement activities through continuous revision of the effectiveness of the existing quality system and the quality objectives created in accordance with the quality policy, 
  • manufactures its products with a proactive approach against risks,
  • implements an effective Quality Assurance System beginning from the quality controls before using the beginning materials at Quality Control Laboratories, and continuing with semi-finished product, in-process controls at various steps of production, finished product quality controls and effective environmental controls.